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Science Project

  • A school science project based on plants research by an Israeli scientist, who tried to extent the shelf life of fruits, by treating them with nitric oxide. We bought some med as prescription is no needed and was tested against 3 substances: Sprite, Vodka and Water. The Sprite seemed to had a detrimental effect on plants. The Vodka and water worked for growing the flowers, the med stands by showing a preservative effect on the plant and making it last more.

Science School Projects

Nowadays, the majority of schools around the United States, require their students to do several school projects during the school year. A school project is a planned piece of work to gather information about, to build or to improve something. These projects are planned to achieve a particular aim and are known to be tasks which require considerable effort and which also involve considerable research and design time. All students who are involved in these taks are required to undertake their own finding method and analysis for the project. They usually gather valuable information from the library, The Internet, etc.

Science projects are educational activities for students, for example experiments or any type of construction of a model related to science disciplines. These projects are classified in four different types: Experimental, Engineering, Theoretical and Display projects. Science is defined as the practical and intellectual activity of the systematic study of the behavior and structure of the natural and physical world, which is done through experiment and observation. Science is known as a particular discipline or branch of learning. Most Science projects have a written report, which is known as a thesis or dissertation. This thesis contains sections from the projects inception, methods of inquiry, analysis, findings and lastly the conclusions. A thesis also known a dissertation is a document that is provided on a research project or an extended analysis of a subject.

A Science fair is a competition where the students present their science projects in the form of a report. These fairs became popular in the United States on 1950. A Science fair allows the students from different schools to compete in science and technology activities by presenting their Science fair project. The first fair was called the National Science Fair in Philadelphia which occurred in 1950. These fairs awarded their prizes for the best projects on regards to the technology used like green technology and health projects. These fairs provide the students the opportunity to experience full process of Science like asking the question, collecting the data and peer review of the results.

The Science fair project is usually presented by the student in the form of a report, which is provided on a display board, posters or other models created by the students to show their school experiments. The positive impact that Science school projects provides on schools, is the creation of intense interest of Science on their students. This provides more knowledge to the students when they proceed with experiments for school. Some of the topics that are used for a science fair project are: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Human body, technology, etc. Here, at you will find all information regarding Science school projects.