Magnetic Field Visors

A magnetic field visor is a visor that detects magnetic or electro-magnetic fields. Such an object can be used with EMP beam or EMP shield that can help cause interference. Learning how to create an electro-magnetic field can be an interesting school project. But first, you must learn what a magnetic field is. The electro-magnetic field surrounds the Earth and protects it from the sun’s rays. An electric field is also guilty for creating the beautiful auroras around the polar regions.

To create a magnetic field in your own room, you’ll need an iron bar and wire. First, you have to make a field visor which is the object that attracts the magnetic field. To build such an object, you’ll need to wrap the wire that you have firmly, but slowly around the piece of iron. Remember that you have to wrap it in one direction. The direction that you choose will indicate the direction of the magnetic wave. At each end of the iron bar leave a maximum of 2-3 feet of wire free.

The next step in building a magnetic field visor is to remove the insulation at the end of the wires so that they can later be connected to the battery posts. When you do that remember to attach the negative post first. After you verified this, connect the wires to the battery posts. There you have it. Your magnetic field visor is ready to be tested. To do that you must use some nails, preferably not rusty. Drop the nails near the iron visor and wait for the magnetic field to do its action. If you have performed the experiment correctly, you’ll see how the nails will get attached to the iron bar. This means that you magnetic field visor is working properly and it’s perfect for a school project.