Growing Crystals Science Fair Project

Different crystals come in different shapes as well as sizes but the purest ones are often those that grow to be the biggest. If you are trying to find ideas for your science fair project or one of your experiments for school then comparing the sizes of different crystals grown in different conditions could be just what the doctor ordered. The different conditions for growing crystals could be somewhere warm (such as on a heated surface) or somewhere room temperature or cold (such as an ice bath). All this project will take in terms of materials is water and some borax (found in the household cleaner aisle of any grocery store). Chemical reactions change one thing into another thing and this is the basis for this experiment. For example rust is a chemical reaction that happens when some metals get exposed to oxygen. At times a chemical reaction can result in more than one product and this is what causes chemists to want to remove one product from the other. This process is called recrystallization in some instances. This occurs when a scientist dissolves a mixture in hot water and lets it cool after. The result is that the desired product will appear as crystals and then these crystals can be removed from the rest of the mixture.

The only materials that you will need for this science fair project are a safe container to house the water and borax that you will use, a thermometer, and some materials for recording your data. This project can be a fun activity for the whole family to get involved in and is a safe way to show crystal growth. If you want to research other ideas for your school project there are many to choose from in many places online. Making a school project can be fun but it is important that you follow some safety precautions when dealing with chemicals of any kind.