Rehydration School Science Project

Beans are food products that are included in many dishes around the world and have been for centuries now. They are great for you to eat in terms of your health and they are also convenient because of the many years and places that they can be stored without ruining them. In addition to this, if you add water to a bean it can sprout because it is a type of plant seed. If you are a person who is familiar with the cooking processes of beans then you know that beans can absorb much water when cooking. This could be a great way to create a school science project for you or your child. Beans are amazing food products because they can be saved and stored for years on end and still be brought back to life with water. For a science fair project you could measure how much water is absorbed by different types of beans when they are rehydrated. When beans are soaked in water the volume of the bean increases as well as its weight so in the project that you create you could measure the amount of the weight increase and volume increase. The procedure for this project will involve weighing different types of beans after they have soaked in water for various periods of time. The best thing about choosing to do this project is that after you are finished you could either discard the beans or put them into a yummy dish for you and your family to enjoy.

In addition to having measured the beans and presented the information of your measurements at the science fair you could also answer some questions pertaining to your project. Many people who do experiments for school have additional research questions that they bring along with their projects as this can enhance the importance of your school science project. One question that you could ask could be: what advantage do plants have if their seeds can survive in dry climates for years on end?