Potential Science Fair Ideas

With so many science fair ideas being used over and over again, a student that would like to win their local school’s competition will need to think outside the box. The standard volcano construction project or electrical conductivity test simply will not cut the mustard anymore and new science projects will need to be found if the student wants to stand a chance at winning the contest. With that in mind, there are a few tips and tricks that can take high school students out of the mainstream of a science fair competition and into the upper echelon of projects.

One of the best ideas for interesting science projects is to stay current. Interesting and emerging trends coming from technology and conservation concerns make some of the best projects and high school students would do well to avoid the projects that are rooted in outdated ideas. Using the Internet in a scientific way will often get the notice of judges. A potential project would be to devise an automatic watering system for plants that could be controlled over the Internet, making it possible to regulate the growth from a remote location. These types of science fair ideas have become the usual winners and do not take a great deal of time or financial investment.

Science projects could also focus on the need for conservation of natural resources. Those projects that work with renewable energy sources and ecological topics, such as recycling, often earn points from the judges due to their environmentally friendly nature. In picking the right science fair ideas from emerging trends that are in the news, a student will be able to give themselves the best chance of winning. Of course, the presentation will need to be top notch as well to take the blue ribbon and move on to the national competitions.