Science Fair Project with Plants

Creating science projects for school can be a fun activity that the whole family can enjoy together in many cases. Science Fair projects are implemented in many curricula across the US and the world and many people research online in order to find ideas for these projects. Researching online is a quick and effective way to get information on various projects that you could do. If you are interested in doing school projects related to the environment and plant life on this planet then one good experiment that you could try is to study the effects of gasoline fumes of the plants that grow in your area. Testing for this experiment is as simple as putting a gas filled container beside a number of plants in order to see the effect it has on the plants over a period of time. As time is a big factor in this experiment it is important that you start preparing for your results by setting up the experiment as early as possible before your school science fair. The project materials that are involved in the project are simply some materials to record your data as well as a few plants that you can get from outside and a container of gasoline.

The independent variable in this school project is the temperature of the environment that you are doing your experiment in as well as the length of time that you expose your plants to the gas fumes. You could use a variety of plants in order to record the different effects of gasoline on them if there is any. In addition to this you could use one type of gasoline for your control group or a variety in order to get even more data. The dependent variable is the time that a plant can survive when exposed to gasoline fumes and you can observe this using the leave coloration as a marker for the effects of the gasoline on the plants you use.