Science Fair Project about Meat

A science fair project can be a great way to learn about science in your own home and this can also be a fun activity for your enjoyment. There are a variety of projects for school that you can work on for in order to get the most out of your experience at a science fair but one of the most interesting school projects that you can work on is observing the effects of soda on the meats that we eat every day. This project is very interesting because of the implications it presents about what we put into our bodies on a daily basis and doing this project could make you think twice about what you drink. The purpose of doing this project is to find out the levels of acidity in a carbonated beverage of your choosing. You could even choose a variety of sodas in order to measure the effects of each on meat and in terms of their acidity. In order to conduct this experiment on the acidity of certain beverages all you will need is a couple of bottles of the sodas of your choice, some meat (you could use any type and it may be even better to choose more than one in order to make a more in depth study) as well as materials to record your findings and a few containers for your meat and soda to go into.

In this experiment for your school science fair the independent variable can be the type of meat you use such as beef, fish and chicken. Find some containers to put your different meats in and immerse them in the sodas of your choosing (one soda to one type of meat and repeat the process for the other soda that you choose). The dependent variable in the experiment is whether the meat that is immersed in the soda will start to break down and dissolve or not. This can be observed in a matter of days depending on how long you want your study to last and in the end you can record which meats dissolved in soda as well as which sodas they dissolved in. This study has implications for whether it is a good idea to drink soda or not and the findings may surprise you.