Science Fair Projects with Insects

There are many science fair projects that you can try in order to get the most out of your science fair experience and also to learn a few things in the process. One of the projects for school that you can try is finding out the effects of cinnamon on insects. It is very interesting to note that cinnamon can act as a natural repellent for insects but to what extent does this occur? This subject could be the topic of your experiment and you could set it up using a great variety of methods and the stated purpose of your experiment could be to find out through observation if cinnamon is a viable substitute for many of the pesticides used for farming around the world. In this manner this is one of the school projects that you can do which can help the environment as well as teach you about environmental conservation and protection.

In order to conduct your research for this experiment you will first need a few materials to help you out. You should be able to get cinnamon from any grocery store but in addition to this you may need to purchase some fruit from your local grocery store and materials to record your data. This is a simple experiment of observation so it will not take much effort and your results could become another weapon in the arsenal of finding sustainable ways for humans to live on this planet. The first step in conducting this experiment is to find an ideal location that you are not too worried about bugs inhabiting such as a fish tank in a place in your garage or outside your home. Simply place some fruit in your fish tank with cinnamon on it and some without it and observe the effects after a number of days go by. You can investigate the cinnamon’s effectiveness on a variety of insects to make your study viable for your school project.