School Project about Glow Sticks

Doing a school project on glow sticks is an interesting way that you can learn about what temperatures that glow sticks will last longer in. This is a fun activity and a cool way to learn about science and scientific procedures for your school science fair. Many other projects for school besides this one could be appropriate for your school science fair but this is an easy one that you can do without exerting much effort making it ideal for elementary school and middle school students alike. The purpose of the project is to determine at what climates a glow stick will continue to glow for longer periods of time in. In order to do this experiment all you will need is a series of glow sticks and you could use various places that have different temperatures such as the freezer, outside and indoors for room temperature, in order to measure you temperatures but to get the best results you should use beakers filled with different temperatures of water in which you put your glow sticks in.

The independent variable for this science fair project is what temperature the water that the glow sticks are immersed in is. In order to measure this you will simply need a standard thermometer and a way to record your data. You can range the temperatures of the water from 5 degrees Celsius all the way up to 45 degrees. After you have your containers of water and glow sticks set up with varying temperatures it is just a matter of observation at this point. In order to get the most out of this experiment it is necessary that you keep your water temperatures constant and time how long the glow sticks will glow using a stop watch. This will make your results come out more accurately and ensure that your school project is viable.