Parachute Science Fair Experiment

For your science fair you may want to try the parachute experiment in order to explain the laws of gravity and drag. This is one of the many science fair experiment ideas that you can explore in order to show that you know what processes are involved in parachuting and falling to the ground. Skydivers use parachutes in order to be able to jump out of an airplane and fall safely and slowly to the ground. Slowing down in the face of gravity’s push is no small task and many may not know exactly how this process works. When a skydiver or any other person using a parachute falls the force of gravity can pull an object to the ground at a very fast speed. The parachute experiment is a good science fair project to show at a science fair because you will get a chance to explain how the parachute uses the force of drag to slow down an object. In this process the air does its part to push the parachute back up when a person is falling. This creates a force that is the opposite of gravity and results in the opposing forces battling each other and slowing a person down. When a sky diver falls these forces are nearly in sync and equally push and pull against each other.

For your science fair experiment you may want to show how a parachute’s size affects the rate of falling for a sky diver. You can do this with a simple parachute toy that can be found in many toy stores in many different areas of the US. You could attach any other toy to parachutes that gradually get larger from toy to toy. Documenting the rates of falling and the processes involved for the parachute toy is a great way to show your knowledge of how parachuting and skydiving work.