Science Fair Experiment Ideas

There are many science fair experiment ideas that can be explored in order to help a child to excel at a Science fair. One such experiment idea can be to use a flying toy in order to explore flight distances. This experiment is often called the flying monkey experiment because of the use of a toy monkey in many of the trials of this experiment though you can use any number of toys to make this science fair project function. As toys can be good tools for learning and exploring science this experiment seeks to help people to learn about trajectory and flight. In order to do the flying monkey experiment you will need a light toy that can be easily launched into the air using a rubber band or some other elastic material. Many may ask what is so scientific about this science fair project and the answer is in the steps that a person has to take in order to make the monkey fly. Stretching and letting go of the rubber band uses a series of energy changes including changes in potential, kinetic and thermal energies. When the rubber band is stretched this is a form of potential energy. You can think of this as a form of energy that the rubber band stores when stretched but not moving. The stretched rubber band has more energy than the loose rubber band.

The potential energy of the rubber band is stored in the rubber band until a person decides to let go of it. Once the rubber band is let go the potential energy that it has stored is turned into kinetic energy. This is the energy of motion and is present when all objects move. When the rubber band has returned to its normal shape after the toy attached to it has launched the energy of motion or kinetic energy is then turned to thermal energy. Thermal energy is heat energy and this can be felt on the rubber after the toy that you use is launched into the air. The rubber band is slightly hotter after this process and so is the air that was displaced by the toy. In addition to this the ground is also warmer where the toy hit it. This experiment is simple yet effective at explaining some of the basic principles of physics.